Update #9 – April 2017

Well, I can’t say that we matched last month for progress, but we’re still trucking right along.  Our progress this month was slowed a little by Rachel’s family reunion, but we decided together that it was worth the speed bump.  Now, the good stuff!

The Numbers

January 2016 (Start) March 2017 April 2017
Car Loan $4,685.88 PAID OFF!! Paid Off 03/17
Discover Loan $5,511.82 $2,245.85 $1,612.35
Discover Card $7,939.49  $4,602.41 $4,575.64
K Student Loans $14,058.10  $12,273.34 $12,139.16
R Student Loans $47,879.41  $46,112.40 $45,902.31
Total $80,074.70 $65,234.00 $64,229.46

Total change:

$15,845.24 paid off since 1/1/2016

$5,927.63 paid off in 2017

$1,004.54 paid off this month

The Artwork

April Chart
I have way too much fun with these charts.  Showing the debts separated out like this somehow makes me more mad at them.  Which is good, or so I’ve been told.

The Story

So, as I mentioned above, we didn’t make quite as much progress this month as we could have because we spent the last weekend of the month in Georgia.  That’s right, fellow Dave Ramsey-ans, we took a vacation.  Gasp, faint, and hide yo kids all you want, we bought plane tickets, flew halfway across the country, and spent $30 on airport food.  And you know what else?  We plan on doing it again next year, even if we’re not out of debt yet!

trump deal with it

I think this topic and our rationalization deserves its own post, but for now, I’ll just say that it was the best decision for us to go because money is a tool, not a goal.

As for May, we expect to knock out quite a bit more of the Discover loan, but we’re toying with the idea of setting aside a little bit to replace my 14-year-old car with.  We’re ahead of schedule, but I don’t want to get complacent and end up falling behind!  Decisions, decisions…

18 thoughts on “Update #9 – April 2017

    1. Hey, Erik! We spent most of the weekend in Hard Labor Creek State Park near Rutledge, GA. Beautiful park, and no cell service! It was such a great way to force ourselves to slow down and enjoy the people around us.

  1. Just when I thought your charts couldn’t get any prettier you went and outdid yourself! 😂

    We are right there with you about taking a vacation. We don’t go anywhere crazy extravagant, but we still take a couple day long family vacation each year. You have to recharge your batteries some how. Plus it’s important to us to make memories with our kids; can’t put a price tag on that.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing and keep kicking butt! 👏🏻

    1. Haha, thanks Rita! I agree with creating memories for your kids; they’re going to have memories one way or another. Either they grow up learning that money dictates every decision in your life and frequently says “no,” or they learn that it’s just a guiding influence, and that you can still enjoy life while on a budget.

  2. Thank you for choosing the family reunion we enjoyed you all. Continue to follow GOD’S plan. You will always be amazed what he will do for you. Love ya’ll.

    1. Of course, Aunt Julie! Rachel and I made the decision when we started that things like the family reunion were just not going to be put on the chopping block. And you’re right, God has continually amazed us by making these little trips work within the budget we’ve set, even when we didn’t know how it would be possible! Love you too, and thanks for reading!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! I know it slows us down, but there’s only so fast we can go, and if we go scorched earth the entire time, we might kill each other and lose touch with all our friends and family in the process! Sorry, Dave.

  3. my debts separated make me more mad too. haha. least yours are all going on a downward trend. I want to box my SLs. And that’s good you took a vacation. Sometime you need a break. My child and I do little trips every once in a while. Good for the spirit.

    1. Student loans… more like student “groans,” amirite?? They are seriously the worst. And I really do think that Dave underestimates the power of little getaways for recharging. I mean, I know he’s been around the block for a while, and he knows what he’s talking about… But when you’re hitting it as hard as you can and you have as much debt as you and I both do, running forever without a pit stop can only end in burnout, I feel. Don’t give up!

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