Update #10 – May 2017

May was a relatively quiet month.  I think the longer we keep on this path, the more we’re realizing that big goals like this aren’t met with month after month of confetti, noisemakers, and celebration.  The majority of the time, we’re just quietly in the trenches, doing the hard work that leads to those moments of accomplishment.  And that’s okay, I think.  If you’re only ever having a great time, winning at life, then people who need help can’t identify with you.  And if they can’t identify with anyone, they run out of hope pretty fast.  So this month, our message is aimed at the people that didn’t have any big wins:  Hey.  Whatever it is that you’re working towards, keep it up.  It doesn’t matter that you didn’t fully accomplish your goal today, what matters is that you’re closer to it than you were yesterday.

Alright, sappy pep talk out of the way, let’s give the people what they want.

The Numbers

January 2016 (Start) April 2017 May 2017
Car Loan $4,685.88 PAID OFF!! 03/17 Paid Off 03/17
Discover Loan $5,511.82 $1,612.35 $796.77
Discover Card $7,939.49  $4,575.64 $4,545.97
K Student Loans $14,058.10  $12,139.16 $11,998.83
R Student Loans $47,879.41  $45,902.31 $45,671.85
Total $80,074.70 $64,229.46 $63,013.42

Total change:

$17,061.28 paid off since 1/1/2016

$7,143.67 paid off in 2017

$1,216.04 paid off this month

The Artwork

May Update Chart

The Plan

June’s going to be a much more roller-coaster-y month.  We’ve got at least five birthdays (mine included!) and a wedding coming up, so our gifts budget is going up by quite a bit.  Rachel is leaving for her two-week annual training for the National Guard (she redefines Army wife), which brings in a bump in our income.  And we’re leaving July 1st for a 9-day road trip with her family, so we’re going to be finishing out the vacation fund before we hit the road.  But do you want to know the thing we’re most excited about??  Look at the chart again.  See the Discover Loan line?  Yeah, buddy.  If all goes well, that should bite the dust next month.  Only God knows if it’ll happen, and only time will tell, but I’ve got a good feeling we’ll be doing another happy dance soon.  He continues to bless us beyond what we deserve!

11 thoughts on “Update #10 – May 2017

  1. I did see the small Discover loan amount left. Congrats. But doesn’t it make you cash in the coin jar or look under the couch cushions to find that money to throw at it and PIF sooner?! I always feel like that when the pay off is soooo cloooose. Keep up the great work you two!

    1. I know!! When the balances get that low, I start looking around our living room to see what we could live without… Then I remember that we’re still ahead of schedule and I put the TV back on the stand, haha!

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