A Year of Thankfulness: 2017 Edition

I know all of you Canadians have already been thankful this year, but it’s our turn down here in the land of freedom.  I hope all of your holidays were well-celebrated, filled with family and warmth.  And for all of you retail workers out there: my heart goes out to you.  I spent many years on your side of the throngs of crazy people trying to fill their carts while you’d much rather be home with your loved ones, and I know the thankfulness isn’t always apparent, so please accept mine.

Thanksgiving from a Christian Perspective

Thankfulness is in the DNA of every Christian, and for good reason.  We have been bought at a price by the ultimate Giver of gifts.  Every breath we take is cause for thanksgiving, not simply because we don’t deserve it, but also because we can truly appreciate the interaction between elements to create breathable air, organic systems in our bodies to use it, and the intricacy of it all working together as designed by God before time itself.  The bible is filled with expressions of thankfulness to our God, and it’s always tied to some aspect of His character.  The act of thanksgiving itself may have initiated from receiving gifts, but the underlying theme is simple appreciation and adoration of God for who He is.  Even in our dark times, we can still give Him thanks, because He is always good.

Thanksgiving from an American Perspective

Politics and economic views aside for a moment, I hope you can agree with me that we have much to be thankful for in this country.  Yes, we have our issues, but overall, we have been extraordinarily blessed as a nation.  We don’t have to worry about enemies taking our homes, we have clean water at the flip of a faucet, our grocery stores throw more food away than many countries can produce, and our doctors have unprecedented access to technology and historical knowledge.  Yes, we have our issues, but please don’t let the headlines take away your ability to smell the roses.

Thanksgiving from Our Perspective

This year has been full of blessings for us.  Paying off debt, changing jobs, spending more time together and with our church family; we have so much to be thankful for.  I’m learning more and more that a pattern of daily, intentional gratitude is the key to a life well-lived.  And when you focus on being intentionally grateful, you realize there is a lot to be grateful for.  We have a roof over our heads, food in our fridge, clothes in our closet, and money in our bank account.  That alone is far beyond what we deserve in this world, and complaints from my mouth really don’t amount to anything more than the whining of a selfish child.

What about you?  What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving, and why?

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