The Light at the End of Our Tunnel

You know what’s crazy?  When Rachel and I got married, we owed more to creditors than we make in a year.  Even if we gave every single penny to them before we bought food, shelter, or anything else for an entire year, we still wouldn’t have been out of debt.  But, you know what else […]

Marry All of Your Spouse

In 1986, The Legend of Zelda hit the scene on the Nintendo Entertainment System and spawned generations of loyal fans, myself included.  Just one of the moments that are etched in the “favorite memories” section of so many brains around the world is referenced above.  Link, tasked with rescuing the kidnapped Princess Zelda, wanders into […]

Manufactured Unhappiness

I have a piece of technology in my pocket that is absolutely amazing.  My grandmother once called it my “magic box.”  And really, that’s a pretty accurate description for this machine.  With it, I can see what’s happening across the world, as soon as it happens.  I can see how my friends’ kids are growing […]