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The primary focus of this site is to share my family’s story with the hope that it will inspire you to make positive changes in your own life.  All content and opinions are my own except where noted, as in the case of collaborative/guest posts, quotes from books in reviews, etc.  I currently do not accept sponsored posts and will NEVER sell subscriber/follower information to third parties within my control.  As the site grows, however, I am seeking to mitigate the cost as much as possible so that it can continue to be a fun, informative outlet for us rather than a point of tension in our finances.  Links to product pages on Amazon are affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission on each product you buy through a link on Steward and Slave.  This does not affect your purchase price, and I am receiving no other incentive to link to the products I feature.  From time to time, authors and/or their representatives will offer me a free copy of their book in exchange for a review.  I will not accept these offers if I don’t feel the book is relevant to this site’s content or would not be beneficial to you, my audience.  When I have accepted such a deal, I’ll note the circumstances within the review itself.  Additionally, I have placed advertisements from Amazon throughout the site.  As a citizen of the Internet myself, I generally despise ads, however I know that in order to provide a product that I enjoy for free, they’re a necessity.  With that in mind, I’ve undertaken every effort to ensure that the ads on Steward and Slave are as relevant and unobtrusive as possible.  If you encounter any ads that you feel are inappropriate for this site, please contact me at

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