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The information on this site is presented from my own point of view, and is not professional advice.  Because personal finance is so, well, personal, articles written here are not and should not be a substitute for customized, professional guidance tailored to your situation.

Monetization, Sponsored Links/Posts, and Reviews

I feature book reviews once a month on this website.  All reviews are my own, honest opinion.  Sometimes, authors or their representatives may send me a free copy of a book for the purpose of writing one of these reviews.  When this is the case, I will add an additional disclaimer within the review outlining the circumstances under which I received the book.  Within my reviews, I will provide a link to the book’s listing on Amazon, in case you want to buy it.  If you do, I’ll get a small percentage of the sales as a commission.  As of today, 3/27/2017, this is the only form of monetization I intend to feature on Steward and Slave, and any proceeds will go toward the hosting fees of the site itself.  I currently do not accept sponsored posts, will not place ads on the site, and will NEVER sell subscriber/follower information to third parties within my control.  This site is intended to share our story, not produce an income.  If any changes to this policy are ever made, I will list them here after careful consideration of the impact they will have on the site and your impression of it.

legal notices last updated: 3/27/2017