Quit Complaining At Work

It’s review time at my company.  As is the case every year, the conversation around the proverbial water cooler turns to how much of a raise everyone thinks we are or aren’t going to get, or how the system is “rigged” to reward the favorites on the team while leaving the rest of us high […]

Avoid the Financial Gnostics

In the early days of the Christian church, splinters of people all over the place began teaching slightly different versions of what Jesus taught, and what had been taught for centuries before through the Old Testament.  As these deviations from past teaching became more magnified and the splinters became more numerous, one became an especially […]

Why Saving Should Really Be “Deferred Spending”

Opposites attract.  Cliché?  Yes.  True?  Eh, the jury’s still out, but at least on money issues, it’s pretty close.  If you listen to Dave Ramsey long enough, you’ll hear him talk about the “nerd” and the “free spirit” in a relationship.  What’s he’s referring to is the natural inclination of one person in the relationship […]

What I’ve Learned About Money While Watching the Olympics

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been glued to the TV for the last two weeks watching the Winter Olympics.  I’ve become especially, inexplicably obsessed with curling, at least until next month when I forget it exists again.  Maybe it’s because for the most part, these athletes aren’t professionals like we tend to […]

How to Not Owe Buckets of Money at Tax Time

Basically ever since I had my first job scooping ice cream, tax time has been kind of weird for me.  Some people get moderately excited about the thought of a refund, but then forget about it five minutes later.  Even more people put off doing their taxes until the last possible day, causing traffic jams […]

2017 – Our Year View Mirror

Well, well, well… here we are, at the end of another year.  The second full one Rachel and I have spent as husband and wife, the first full one this little blog has enjoyed, and hopefully the last one in which I’ll have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet.  If nothing else, […]