If you’re in the mood for a couple hours of reading nothing but personal finance blogs, check out this awesome resource, The Rockstar Finance Directory!  Seriously, if you can’t find anything that interests you there, you probably need to check yourself for a pulse.

If you’re looking for a little more curated action, here are some blogs that I enjoy, written by awesome people doing awesome things with their money:

  • Bible Money Matters – Peter Anderson has been writing about finances, faith, and family since 2008.  He’s got quite the active base of newsletter subscribers, and is all over social media.
  • Budgets Are Sexy – Possibly the only personal finance blogger with a mohawk, J$ is the man when it comes to PF blogs.  He also heads up Rockstar Finance, which is a collective of many different people sharing crazy amounts of awesome advice.
  • A Dime at a Time – Lucy and her husband started on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps at the beginning of 2017, and she’s been recording little bits of their journey daily ever since.  A couple in their 50s, they are proving that it’s NEVER too late to start getting your finances in order!
  • How We Do Money – Mr. and Mrs. Steward are a younger married couple with a toddler writing from central Indiana.  They have worked to pay off their debt, and now write about their faith, finances, and family as they continue on the path of creating a great legacy.
  • Miss Mazuma – Miss Mazuma is a flight attendant from Chicago who has had quite the journey.  Seriously, just read about her experience buying (and selling) multiple houses, hitting rock bottom, and building her way back up.  You’ll be hooked on her story just like I am!
  • Pennies and Dollars – Dan is quite the prolific writer. Sharing several stories every day, either that he wrote himself or is passing along on Twitter, his advice is always timely and solid.
  • She Picks Up Pennies – A fan favorite, Penny is possibly the kindest financial blogger around.  Even the story of the name of her blog will melt your heart.  She’s a teacher in the midwest, and she and her husband paid down over $50,000 in debt in two years!