My name is Kyle, and I’m in my mid-twenties.  God has blessed me with a wonderful marriage to the most amazing woman on the face of the earth.  We started that marriage in October of 2015, after a story that I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t lived it.  Almost everything about our relationship has been straight out of a storybook, it seems.  Everything aside from one pretty big aspect: our debt.  We brought a mountain of over $80,000 in consumer debt with us to the altar that October afternoon.  We had credit cards, car payments, student loans, a personal loan, I even co-signed for my sister’s car.  We knew we couldn’t just live with these payments for the rest of our lives, so we got busy.  We went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class at home, and we decided that instead of continuing to abuse “our” money, we’d shift to seeing it for what it really was: God’s money.  We’re on a journey to live more faithfully as stewards of whatever God chooses to entrust us with, and as slaves of the risen Christ Jesus, rather than of ourselves and our bank accounts.  Thank you for joining us, and let me know if we can help you in your own journey!