Update #5 – December 2016

My new goal in life is to be a hospital.  Apparently, they make so much money, they don’t even need to bill people to stay afloat.  That’s right, we still have not heard a peep from them about our visit in October.  I did call to see if maybe something had gotten lost in the […]

2016: Our Year-View Mirror

Oh, 2016.  You were a whirlwind.  You killed off half of Hollywood.  You gave us a presidential election that couldn’t have been dreamed up by the producers of whatever that Kardashian show is called.  2016 was a year where the unexpected happened, sometimes in a big way, at some point for virtually everyone.  What a […]

Money Isn’t That Important. That’s Why It’s Important.

It’s true.  Money, in the grand scheme of things isn’t that important.  No, you’re not crazy, you did just read that sentence on a blog about money, written by a guy that is changing his and his wife’s lifestyle as a result of money’s effect.  Don’t believe me?  Okay, imagine that someone gave you a […]