Update #2 – September 2016

Hitting the Gas This month was a pretty good one.  We agreed to really focus on paying off R’s car first, since that’s what “the plan” says to do, and we’ve put everything else on minimum payments.  I can’t stress enough the importance of having that $1,000 in savings as a cushion.  I’m getting ready […]

Success Through Sacrifice

Have you ever climbed a mountain?  Ran a marathon?  Built a house?  Watched an entire NASCAR race?  Those things all take time and determination, obviously.  When we hear of people that have done them, we immediately think of them as “that guy/girl who did x,” because we understand that the commitment needed to complete a […]

Manufactured Unhappiness

I have a piece of technology in my pocket that is absolutely amazing.  My grandmother once called it my “magic box.”  And really, that’s a pretty accurate description for this machine.  With it, I can see what’s happening across the world, as soon as it happens.  I can see how my friends’ kids are growing […]